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Name:Rubedo Gadreel
Birthdate:Apr 13
What if, fourteen years ago, Rubedo was infected with U-DO instead of Albedo?

It started normally enough. The URTVs were gathered in a circle around the band of their anti-U-DO link. Albedo was nervous, but Rubedo made sure he didn't panic. Then it happened. Rubedo had a vision of what would happen if they completed their mission, of the planet being destroyed by the thermal energy released from U-DO's destruction. He balked and broke the link in absolute terror. U-DO got free and began infecting the Standard URTVs, driving them murderously insane. Then it tried for Albedo. Rubedo saw it and snapped out of his terrified trance fast enough to push Albedo out of the way, but he wasn't fast enough to keep himself safe. He was infected...and then chaos erupted all over the planet.

Rubedo was separated from the other two in the rioting. Something happened between the two and Albedo learned of Nigredo's true nature before the continued fighting separated them as well. Canaan and chaos found Nigredo, alone and injured from defending himself, and Albedo found Rubedo quickly losing his grip on sanity. Like Canaan and chaos had found Nigredo, Margulis of Ormus found Rubedo and Albedo. Viewing them as potentially useful weapons, he took them back to the U-TIC organization with no idea of just how far into insanity Rubedo would dive over the next fourteen years...

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action movies, albedo, being enlightened, blood, burning things, es simeon, guns, insanity, killing, literature, lost jerusalem, mass murder, nigredo, ormus, pedophilic twincest, sadism, song of nephilim, tormenting margulis, torture, u-do, u-tic, urtvs, violence, war
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